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Series introduction Tray Sealer

Automatic Tray Sealer BS
Semi Automatic Sealers BS Basic Line
Start Up BS Series
Tray Sealers BS Eco, Basic und Pro
Semi Automatic Tray Sealers BS Eco Line
Semi Automatic Sealers BS Pro Line

Series introduction vacuum machines

Tabletop machine Max 42
Double Chamber Machine Titan-F 1000
Floorstanding machine Max-F 46
Inbetriebnahme MAX-Serie

Examples of use

Einsatz einer Doppelkammer Vakuummaschine für Wildspezialitäten und Interview mit Claas Bautsch
Sealing device BS 5 ECO for packaging asparagus and vegetables
For sale in farm shops
Suitable for Selling in Grocery Retail
Zimmermann Feinkost
Boss Vakuum und Overmeyers Landbaukultur
Manual Tray Sealer VA Series
Einsatz BS 52 für Spargelverpackung

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Perfect seal, high-pressure weld, vacuum pumps made by Busch, and a well developed customer service department.

These are just some aspects that we value during production and service of a vaccum packaging machine.


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